Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Awards to share with all of you

Hi Again everyone, Here are a few awards that I have received. I feel really awful that I got two of them quite some time ago and did not get them posted till now.You probably Think I am ungrateful . And I'm really sorry.. I do appreciate them!! Its just that I find it so hard to pick only a few wonderful blogger's to pass them on to..These all came with a bunch of questions.But here again I find it hard to answer all of them.. SOOOOO.I'm just going to pass them, on as they are to all of you lovely followers,and visitors.Please feel free to take them and post on your blogs from ME!!And pass them to who ever you'd like..
This one I got from Hetty This one from Hetty also

This one from Penni

Thank you so much lady's, I really do appreciate you thinking of me.. and again I'm so sorry it took so long to get them on here..
Hugs, Linda

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