Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The little box I made

Ok ,So some of you have asked about the box I made. Its called Sweet pea candy box. Its about 3 x 3 1/4, and 1 in. tall. here is where I found it.
my chic'nscratch
Hugs, Linda


Kimmi said...

OOoo fanks for the link. Off to have a peek!

Kimmi x

craft_princess said...

Thank you!

stampinfrog said...

Thanks for the link Linda!

Guylaine said...

Hi Linda!
I was about to write you this noon (almost noon here :p)

I received your wonderful candy 2 days ago! I only had time to look at it yesterday but wanna say a big thanks to you. I'll ha a lot of pleasure with that :)

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