Monday, July 19, 2010

My Crazy Life update!!

Well my son was in surgery for 4 hr. They put a 4in. T shaped plat in his arm with screws and a pin that is sticking out his arm.. He is in a lot of pain.Goes back in two weeks. I get home and start doing house work and get a call from my oldest Daughter saying that my grandson in law put my 3 great grand kids on his old work horse and was leading it around.. The horse got spooked and through all the kids.. Misty 11 got a compound fractured arm. Baylee 5, bruises and crying her neck hurts, and Brock 2, couldn't hardly breath.. so back off to hospital!! Baylee is OK, Brock has 2 broken ribs and they transferred him to Primary Children's hospital in Salt Lake City Utah..

Man I just don't know why we're having such bad luck lately.. But I know I'm really sick of it!!

Things have got to start getting better!!!???!!! Ok Im off to bed..Im pooped!!
Hugs, Linda


Maureen Reiss said...

I'm so sorry for all your bad luck, Linda. Doesn't it seem like when it rains it pours? Hope your luck turns around.

Anonymous said...

What a bad time your all having just now, try to keep positive and not get too stressed, it will get better x

Pops x said...

Aww hun you are having a bit of a time of it just lately, i hope he is ok and not in to much pain and you get some time for you too, your in my thoughts today big hugs love Pops x

craftykitten said...

Oh dear Linda,
You are having a bad time all round just lately aren't you hun. I am sure the children will all be just fine given time - they are most resiliant aren't they?? YOu must try not to get too stressed about everything yourself hun, you have to take care of number one too remember!!! Take care of yourself and give big hugs to all the kiddy winkys.
Dawn x

Teri said...

Oh hun, what a horrid time of it you are having lately! I feel for you, honest I do. Try to take it easy though hun, look after yourself too.
Teri x

Doreen said...

Oh no Linda,when will this bad run of luck end. I really feel for

Donna said...

Oh dear Linda, you are really going through a bad patch at the moment, aren't you! I do hope things start to improve for you and soon.
Sending you big hugs
Donna xx

Terry said...

HIya Linda, oh my goodness I hope that your son will feel better real soon and that everything will heel soon. And for your grandchildren soo sorry to hear that the horse got spooked and they fell of. Hope that they will feel better too real soon. I can imagine that you are pooped, hope you will have a goodnight sleep. I will be thinking of you Linda, Big Hugs Terry xxxx

Debbie Pamment said...

You really are having a run of bad luck lately - surely you've had your fair share - you must be up for a FABULOUS plus side!!!
Hope this is the last of the bad news for your family - am thinking of you all!

Andrea said...

oh my goodness poor little ones and your poor son too. I hope they get better quick. Hope you are okay too, a lot to deal with in such a short space of time, hugs xx

Danielle said...

Oh Linda, I'm so sorry all this has happened. This has to be end of your run of bad luck - I don't think much more can happen to you guys! I really hope the kids get better soon and your son heals quickly. Take care of yourself too!
Hugs, Danielle xo

Ms. Jen said...

Oh Linda! My heart just goes out to you! What a tragic day you had to endure. And your family too. I will say a prayer that all is well and you will find some peace today and some relaxation for your nerves, as I'm sure they are frazzled right now. Hang in there sweetie!!

Hugs - Jen

craft_princess said...

Oh dear!! Thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt...what I mean is glad everyone is ALIVE!! That is the most important thing! And I sure do hope everone's luck turns around for the better! Start grabbing some rabbit feet and 4 leaf clovers!! Throw some salt over your shoulder too!

Wishing you better luck!

stampinfrog said...

Linda I am so glad your son's sugery went OK and pray he has a speedy recovery!
I am so sorry to hear about your great grandchildren!Hopefully they will feel better soon!

iluvmybugs said...

So sorry to hear about all this bad luck you and your family are experiencing Linda! Hopefully it's now over and everyone will be on the road to a speedy recovery!!!

crafty amy said...

Oh my gosh that is terrible I hope they are all on the mend and not in pain anymore


Amy xx

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