Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up date on son in law

Thank you all for your prayers.. They are helping!!!Well they went a head and did more surgery yesterday..They have done a total of 12 bands, on the blood vessels to stop the bleeding..They said that is the most they have ever done usually it only takes 3.Now he is running a fever, they think he aspirated some of the blood..So they are working on that now..OK so here is what caused all of this . His liver is shot.. he was told a yr. ago to stop drinking and he did for a while but then started again..He is only 41 years old and to have all of this is just crazy..When he could have prevented it..This is so hard on his kids and my daughter, who by the way is expecting the end of next month..Little Lacy passed right out when she went into the ICU to see her daddy..Poor little honey..She has always been a daddy's girl..You could see the worry on Chases face but I think he is trying to be tuff for his mother and little sister..Then trying to get my daughter to get some rest has been a joke, she don't want to leave his side.. I really hope he knows how much he is loved and needed.. Thank you all for all your prayers I know they are helping..
Hugs, Linda


craftymum said...

Hi Linda
I hope this has proved a wake up call for him!
Lets hope things improve from now on
Take care
Love sarah XXX

Irena said...

May God help you!

PenLight said...

I hope he makes it through and is able to see how much he is loved. May God grant him that opportunity. Keeping you in the prayers too as you care for all of them.

Sue said...

Hi Linda
im so sorry to read this hun, thinking of you all, what a shock for you all, in my thoughts, hugs, sue,x

craftykitten said...

Hi Linda,
Oh hun, I really feel for you. What a shame the truth didn't seem real for him, let's hope this will make him see sense. I do hope your daughter is ok and your grandkids can get over the shock. I will be thinking of you - take care Linda - you are obviously going to be needed in the weeks to come - look after yourself.
Dawn x

Maureen Reiss said...

Saying a prayer for your family. Hope everything turns out well.

Michelle said...

Thinking of you and your family at this time and hope that he improves soon and your daughter and her family can get some rest.

Micki said...

Linda, everyone has been in my prayers and will continue to send prayers and hugs!

craft_princess said...

I hope he pulls through okay and realizes how much he is loved by so many!! Many reasons to live...hope he is reminded of that daily!

Anonymous said...

Sad news, I hope there is a good outcome for them x

Debbie Pamment said...

Sending you warmest wishes that this will turn out OK. Love all of your precious family - and you too!

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